Jaked is an Italian brand: its DNA comprises all-Italian technology and expertise. The entire range of Jaked racing swimwear is designed, developed and produced in Italy, using materials and fabrication processes in keeping with the finest Italian tradition.


Cutting-edge fabric engineering and state-of-the-art construction technology are the two principles that underpin the entire Jaked competition swimwear range. It was on this basis that Jaked revolutionized the swimming world with its first model, the “super body J01.” The year was 2008, the Beijing Olympics were in full flow, and Jaked made swimming history with its unprecedented and innovative know-how. And still today, Jaked develops and designs every product around these same elements.

From our research to our development, from our fabrication to our prototyping, all the way to our in-water testing, we make sure nothing is overlooked in the creation of our products. As part of our process, our internationally renowned athletes test the entire Jaked racing swimwear range before anyone else, in order to ensure quality and effectiveness. We are proud to provide an extensive collection of models to offer every athlete the best tools for their style and for the challenges they face.


Today Jaked competition fabrics represent an international benchmark in sports textiles. Developed in the laboratory, they benefit from fibers treated using exclusive J-Lab machines, and their qualities become clear once the swimmer enters the water.

We’re talking about Smart Fabrics: intelligent fabrics created using the most advanced nanotechnologies, and then enriched with finishes which make the most of the chemical and physical mechanisms which regulate surface kinetics. Jaked’s Research & Development Department has created a different fabric and designed a different garment architecture for each item in the competition range, especially for women’s models.

Jaked aims to develop for each individual garment a different balance between three specific factors: compression, fabric weight, and comfort. The original design of the material was based off of the skin of a shark, which is recreated by J-Labs with precise layering and patterning of fabric. This helps to create the Acqua-su-Acqua Effect, as the suits firmly mold to the body to keep water out and give you the feeling that you are truly wearing a new skin. This combination of variables is behind the segmentation of the Jaked racing line, which contains an extremely diverse selection of swimsuits.


Another exclusive fabric created by J-Lab, based on HT (High Tenacity) fibers: the swimsuit is constructed using ultrasound and heat welding processes, with the exclusive use of tapes with increased mechanical capacity.

Production methods

Slider tunnel: a specially designed tunnel that allows you to adjust the drawstring ties, which come pre-crossed under the tunnel upon purchase to be able to adjust to your body without the risk of snagging or tearing the fabric. 


Evolution of the FlexStripes strap compensation system: this improves the fit of the swimsuit, ensuring that the athlete experiences maximum compression, but at the same time supporting movement progression, stroke after stroke. 


Enhanced ACQUA-su-ACQUA treatment: an exclusive plasma process is used which improves effectiveness, thanks to fluorocarbon resins which cling to the fabric and create a water film, just a few microns thick.


Italian for Water-on-Water, all Jaked fabrics undergo the exclusive “ACQUA-su-ACQUA” treatment developed by J-Lab. This process creates an ordered structure of grooves and veins in the fabric, ideal for reducing the contact time between the water molecules and the surface of the garment. 

The result is enhanced water dispersion, asymmetrically and in different directions, which creates reduced absorption by the fabric and improves swimsuit “slide”. The combination of water molecules on the outer surface of the garment helps to create a film which generates a type of protective layer on the swimsuit, what we call the ACQUA-su-ACQUA slide effect!


• Minimum absorption 

• Minimum friction drag

• Maximum water repellency

• Maximum ACQUA-su-ACQUA slide effect

Jaked is not a swimsuit, Jaked is a project.

Jaked is "more than skin". 


Wearability in Use