Competition J11 Swimsuits Collection

Technology and Design

J11 is the perfect swimsuit for making your debut in competitive swimming and push your performance to new extremes, thanks to compression and the “non-wetting” process called Water Zero.


A swimsuit made from two-way (lengthwise and crosswise) stretch fabric with perfect coverage. It’s unlined so is worn in direct contact with the athlete’s skin.

Production methods

Brilliant: the outer surface of the J11 features a distinctive shiny finish, creating an effect that’s aesthetically reminiscent of the godfather of all competition swimsuits, the super body J01.


Comfort & elasticity: maximum stretch and superior comfort for the ultimate performance stroke after stroke.


Water Zero, an exclusive treatment and cutting-edge technology: a “non-wetting” process makes the fabric ultra-water repellent. This water-repellent swimsuit forms a real barrier against the water, which remains on the surface as water bubbles that can be seen be the naked eye.


Every swimsuit in the J11 collection is ranked 2.5/5 for compression, 4.5/5 for comfort and 4/5 for lightness.

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