Competition J05 Maxxis Swimsuits


Top class compression: The J05 Maxxis is an extreme swimsuit, one of a kind, made from a heavier weight fabric (around 50% greater than that used for the J Katana or J Rush). The extra-slim fit, heat welded seams and ergonomic cut make this an extremely high-compression garment.

Fabric ≥

Compact two-way stretch fibre: The J05 Maxxis is made from a compact textile fibre that ensures good coverage, and its shaping effect guarantees the right amount of compression focused on muscle masses.

Production methods ≥

The structure of the J05 Maxxis is unique too: completely seam-free, the high tenacity tapes which run along all of the swimsuit’s joints create a true architecture, which improves stability and provides crucial support in maintaining structure in the water.

Ergonomics ≥

The compression provided by the  swimsuit improves the absorption of oxygen and nutrients by the muscles, reduces vibrations and improves muscle recovery. All to the benefit of performance. This fabric offers increased traction resistance, tested for maximum tear loads.

Treatment ≥

Exclusive “ACQUA-su-ACQUA” (Italian for Water on Water) hydrophobic finishing treatment developed by J Lab, the Jaked's Research & Development Department.

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