Competition J Keel Swimsuits Collection

Technology and Design

The J Keel swimsuit features a unique 3D structure, constructed using HT (High Tenacity) fibers and finished with bi-component plasma treatments: the sliding speed of the water molecules on the J Keel is more than 20% faster than ever before. In addition to the 3D construction, the swimsuit features a double layer of fluorocarbon resin which, for the first time ever, ensures an astonishing water-repelling effect.


Another exclusive fabric created by J Lab, based on HT (High Tenacity) Fibers: the swimsuit is constructed using ultrasound and heat welding processes, with the exclusive use of tapes with increased mechanical capacity.

Production methods

Slider tunnel: a specially designed tunnel through which the jammer drawstring ties slide. Allows you to adjust the drawstring ties, which come pre-crossed under the tunnel upon purchase, to suit you, without the risk of snagging or tearing the fabric.


Evolution of the exclusive FlexStripes strap compensation system (on women’s models): this improves the fit of the swimsuit, ensuring the athlete experiences maximum compression, but at the same time supporting movement progression, stroke after stroke.


Enhanced ACQUA-su-ACQUA (Italian for Water on Water) treatment: an exclusive plasma process makes the treatment twice as effective, thanks to the fluorocarbon resins used, which cling to the fabric and create a water film, just a few microns thick.


Every swimsuit in the J Keel collection is ranked 4.5/5 for compression, 5/5 for comfort and 5/5 for lightness. 

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